The VICELAND documentary television series, Hamilton's Pharamcopeia, hosted by chemist and journalist Hamilton Morris, investigates the history, chemistry and societal impacts of the world’s most extraordinary drugs. The title sequence uses pen and ink-style illustration to capture Morris’ expeditions to exotic locations and consuming mind-altering drugs. Inspired by 60s psychedelic comics — and combining cel, 2D, and 3D animation — the title sequence creates a journey from a clandestine facility, to the jungles of Madagascar, through mushroom fields to Hamilton’s own lab. It captures the many facets of drug use and production in a disorientingly seamless narrative.The title sequence won a silver Clio Award for Best Title Sequence, was nominated for a PromaxDBA award for Outstanding Title Sequence, and featured in Art of the Title.

My House, was VICELAND documentary series exploring the world of NYC voguing. The objective was to align the open with the aspirational, underground tone of the series. We combined a gel lit studio shoot, ballroom footage and scratchy hand-drawn textures with a brutalist approach to typography utilizing bold weights, outlines, stretched and repeated type.

3D Animation:
Gabriel Tick, Luke Maroldi

Mieka Jewett

Animation Director:
Gabriel Tick

2D Animation:
Gabriel Tick, Luke Maroldi
Executive Design Director:
Matt Schoen

Art Directors:
Gabriel Tick Annie Rosen

Cel Animators:
Harry Teitelman, Barbra Benas,
Tim Beckhardt , Magnus Atom

Lead Design / Animation:
Mieka Jewett

Additional Animation:
Luke Maroldi, Magnus Atom,
Gabriel Tick
Net IDs
I was asked to make a series of network identification spots which aired during commercial breaks on the Viceland TV network. The objective was to give a more human, illustrative quality to the utilitarian feel of Viceland’s branding. Each spot is meant to disrupt the bombast of a commercial break with a quiet moment and minimalistic illustration style that makes the viewer question if they’re even watching a commercial anymore.The animations were made with After effects, cinema 4d, and cell animation to create a unique black and white illustration style.
Animation director / 2d Animator